14th - 16th September
14th - 16th September

Terms & Conditions

  1. FurJAM, Sydney Furry Events (henceforth referred to as SFE), its organisers and associated volunteers take no responsibility for your personal safety or the safety of your personal belongings during its associated events.
  2. Organisers reserve the right to revoke your registration and access to events if it is the opinion of one or more of the organisers that you are in contravention of the rules.
  3. In the event of the organisers revoking an attendee’s registration, SFE is not required to refund that attendee all or part of the registration fee.
  4. SFE and FurJAM are not required to provide a refund of all or parts of the registration payment if an attendee cannot attend part or all of the associated events. If an application is made for refund it will be the decision of SFE and the organisers of FurJAM as to whether a refund will be provided.
  5. SFE and FurJAM are not required to provide a refund or alteration if your FurJAM T-Shirt order is wrong after the cut off date.
  6. It is a requirement upon registering for the event that you provide your full and correct name, and upon picking up your badge you are prepared to provide legal proof of identification. FurJAM organisers and SFE reserve the right to refuse event access if you cannot provide identification, and do not need to provide you with a refund if this is the case.
  7. Attendee badges are to be worn at all events, SFE retains to right to revoke any attendee access to an event if they cannot provide their badge as identification.
  8. SFE retains ownership of all attendee badges until the conclusion of the Sunday night event, and may cancel the badge or withhold it if your registration is revoked for any reason.
  9. While FurJAM and SFE will do their best to provide for specific dietary requirements, it is the responsibility of attendees to inform the organisers BEFORE THE CUT OFF DATE. FurJAM and SFE are not required to refund part or all of your registration if you have nothing to eat at the Saturday BBQ.
  10. While all attempts will be made to make sure all attendees are catered for, FurJAM and SFE are not accountable if you suffer an allergic reaction at any of their associated events.
  11. If a registered furry name or shirt print name is deemed controversial or offensive by an organiser, SFE reserves the right to change or otherwise delete your registration from the event.
  12. Any damages incurred to an event space or the belongings of other staff, attendees or persons as a direct result of your actions are not covered by SFE. You will be expected to make reparations and pay for damages if you cause them.
  13. Thirteen is an unlucky number, and you may think that if you keep reading there’ll be some easter egg that will win you a prize after we go on about some drivel saying that reading about an unlucky number will make your day luckier. However like we said, this is an unlucky number, so no prize for you!
  14. SFE takes no responsibility for your actions whilst staying at the hotel linked to the event space. Damages incurred are at your own cost, and if you are ejected from the hotel due to abuse of their rules we will not support you.
  15. FurJAM attendees and volunteers do not speak on behalf of the entities FurJAM and SFE, only senior organisers can make executive decisions.
  16. SFE and FurJAM retain the right to reject the claim a child is under 13yo where it is contrary to the evidence at hand. Therefore if your child is mature, large or tall for their age, please bring some form of supporting information.
  17. SFE and FurJAM retain the right to change the terms and conditions without notice at any time as deemed necessary by the organisers to protect the safety and security of attendees and the event.

TL;DR: We can tell you to leave, we don’t have to give you refunds, we aren’t responsible if you hurt yourself or if your stuff gets stolen or if you get things plain WRONG!

Alcohol Policy

At FurJAM, many of the events take place in licensed venues, and as such, alcoholic beverages are available for consumption to adult attendees. This is personal choice, however we do ask that a little common sense be used so that everyone can have a great time. Please make sure you pace your drinking and always have a plan on how you’re getting home/back to your hotel! A few specific guidelines are here for your convenience.

  • It is illegal in the state of NSW for minors to consume alcohol. If an attendee is a minor and found to be drinking/under the influence of alcohol, they and their guardian will be asked to LEAVE the event and may be banned from attending further events.
  • Certain events (such as Saturday’s BBQ event) are held in alcohol free zones. It is illegal in the state of NSW to consume alcohol in these areas. Attendees found consuming alcohol in an alcohol free zone will be asked to leave the event and may be banned from attending further events.
  • It is illegal in NSW to supply liquor or sell liquor to persons under the age of 18. Attendees found to be supplying or selling liquor to minors will be asked to leave and will receive a PERMANENT LIFETIME BAN from further FurJAM events and details will be forwarded to NSW law enforcement.

Drug Policy

At FurJAM, we’re aware that attendees come from a wide variety of backgrounds. We are also aware that some attendees may have a personal preference for the use of recreational drugs. Although we won’t judge you for your personal choices, we do not condone the recreational use of drugs at FurJAM related events. This includes the use of any substance regarded as illegal in the state of NSW as well as the recreational use of prescription medication.

  • Persons found consuming drugs for recreational purposes or illegal substances at FurJAM events will be asked to leave the event and may be banned from attending further events.
  • Persons found selling or supplying drugs for recreational purposes or illegal substances will be asked to leave the event and will receive a PERMANENT LIFETIME BAN from further FurJAM events and their details will be forwarded to NSW law enforcement.

Behaviour & Code of Conduct

  1. FurJAM is and always will be a social, informal meetup of people of many different walks of life. When you attend FurJAM, you will see friends, you may make new friends and in some cases you may find people that you don’t get along with. This is fine, everyone is different, but please be polite about it. If you come up to an organiser and say “X is here, why is X here? I hate X and you shouldn’t have let X come!” then guess what? You’re in for a BAD time.

    Ladies and gentlefurs the solution to a good time is simple: Be polite, use common sense and respect others. If you think someone is harrassing you in any way, talk to one of the organizers and they’ll try to help you sort out the issue. If someone tells you it’s not okay... then it’s not okay, and if you persist it could possibly get you banned, or the matter may be handed over to NSW law enforcement.

  2. You may possibly see costumes and fancy dress at FurJAM. These people are expressing themselves and they are also at the event to have fun. Please do not impede on their good time. Also be aware that A Costume Is NOT Consent - nobody has the right to be inappropriately touched or mistreated just because they’re wearing something out of the ordinary. If somebody does not want to be touched or hugged, please respect their personal space.

  3. During your time at FurJAM, you will see fursuiters. Fursuiters are one of the most visually appealing aspects of our fandom but they also need to be respected in order to keep them safe. Please be aware of the fact that the person in the fursuit has very limited vision, and they have a limited amount of time they can spend before they will need to take a rest/pause to cool down. Please do not ask unrealistic things of fursuiters (including, but not limited to: climbing trees, running in a specific direction for your video, jumping, etc) unless they specifically state that they are OK with doing such.

    Also be aware of the fact that our fursuiters are wearing their costumes as a means of self-expression, that is, they are not specifically there for your entertainment. If you wish to approach a fursuiter for a hug, politely ask them, but please do not be offended if they say no as some people are uncomfortable with being hugged. Again, please respect their wishes and personal space.

    Under NO circumstances should you grab on the tail or other parts of a suit. Anyone found to be damaging or mistreating another person’s costume will face consequences the same as if you were harassing or bullying someone. You may even be expected to pay for repairs or replacement costs. Do you have $3,500? That is the current average price of a fullsuit in the fandom at present day.

    Do not approach a fursuiter from behind. If you want to get their attention, approach them from the front and speak or wave to get their attention. Some fursuiters will not speak - some prefer to use pantomime in order to communicate. Please respect their method of performing.

  4. If you are a fursuiter please make sure that you are prepared for the day, organise a handler for yourself and keep your belongings in a safe and compact space. Most fursuit friendly events will have a private headless area for you to change. These areas will be designated for fursuiters and handlers only. However do not treat it like your own bedroom. It is a space for a lot of suiters to use, please be courteous and try not to take up a lot of space. If you are done suiting for the day/evening, please pack up your suit and store it in an appropriate area, not in the headless area. If you are suiting and you feel unwell, get help immediately do NOT try to push through it for the sake of a photo/walk/etc.

  5. We do like to remind people that as a series of events we are often in public spaces. While we respect that everyone has different values, please keep in mind that you are in the company of others, and you can be seen by the public. Most members of the public won’t mind seeing you hug your partner, most members of the public will be offended if you’re happily fondling and dry humping each other in a family oriented park. Common sense people. Respect that you’re in the public eye. If you want a BDSM party, save it for the privacy of your room/apartment/house after FurJAM.
  6. Be aware that photos and video will be taken at FurJAM. If you do not wish to be in photos or video footage, please politely tell the photographer/videographer and make an effort to stay clear if they are attending something larger (group shots/fursuit shots/etc.). For those with cameras we do ask that you respect the wishes of the attendees and try to work with them so all the have the best time possible.
  7. When you register for FurJAM, you will be given among other things a badge (unless you’re just coming to the BBQ). That badge is your identification for any and all events that you attend during FurJAM, and will be required to be produced for entry to events, or use of Saturday fursuit change facilities and to get food at the BBQ. So make sure you have it on you! Using another person’s badge, or “ghosting”, will result in you and the owner of the badge being asked to leave the event and you may both be banned from attending further events.

Minors & Parents/Guardians

FurJAM hosts many events that are family friendly, and are suitable for minors (under 18s) to attend. Our policy with minors is quite simple and that is if you wish to attend you must have a parent or legal guardian accompany you at all times. Minors under the age of 13 do not have to pay a registration fee.

Parents and/or guardians should be aware that your child or ward is your responsibility during the events run by FurJAM. We are not a daycare service and while we will endeavour to keep the environment safe for all, the responsibility for their safety lies ultimately with you.

A parent/guardian MUST register before any associated ward/minor can register for FurJAM as we require minors to enter their parent/guardian’s registration number (provided in your registration confirmation email) to register themselves.

Rules Regarding Artists and Crafters

The furry community has a large contingent of talented and crafty people. We know this as we know that art and craft is one of the foundations of furry culture. So for those with talent to share we have a few small rules and regs if you feel like opening for commissions during FurJAM:

  1. Please be aware that we run a family friendly event, and we expect there to be minors present. All displayed products must have no more than a PG13 theme. Mature themes and NSFW (Not Safe For Work) are not forbidden, but must not be for public display and only produced at the request of an adult buyer. Please use your discretion, as complaints may result in the organisers rescinding your right to sell goods at the event or at future events.
  2. Materials or goods deemed offensive or unhygienic by the organisers are not allowed and will result in you being asked to leave and possibly result in you being banned from the event and future events.
  3. As this event doesn’t have any specific space for selling goods, please be aware that you will not be able to set up a stall or dealer’s den style arrangement. For visual artists, we do not mind if you bring a folder of examples and prints to our events for the purpose of promoting yourself and sales, as for crafters or artists, please do not bring a lot of merchandise as there simply won’t be enough space for you to set up.
  4. The Saturday BBQ is held in a Sydney Council Park, please do not attempt to make sales transactions during the BBQ. While you may take orders or show examples of work, ANY money transactions are strictly prohibited in this space by order of the NSW Government, and can carry criminal charges.
  5. We would also apreciate it if people didn't make any cash sales at any of our venues, this in itself carries various risks and the venues would prefer it if people didn't do it.
  6. If you would like us to advertise your intention to sell goods at FurJAM on the website, please contact us at furjam.team@gmail.com and we can discuss options.


This year FurJAM is taking applications for people who wish to volunteer to help us run the event. Duties will include such things as helping with set up and pack up for events, running the registration desk, overseeing events and games and listening to Kat and Shadow bitch about furries. If you think you can handle that, there’s a few things you need to know:

  1. You must register for a full Weekend Registration to be eligible.
  2. This is an application, not first come first served. The organisers will review who applies and choose those who they best believe will handle working for the event.
  3. You WILL be expected to be available for all of Saturday (BBQ and Night Event). It’s our biggest day and we will need all hands on deck. We will also need people on Friday and Sunday so if your application is successful we can discuss availability.
  4. You WILL be expected to work consistently under the direction of others and to be able to work without constant supervision. We have the right to rescind any benefits to being a volunteer if we believe you aren’t putting in the effort.
  5. You are not an authority of FurJAM, you cannot ban people or ask people to leave. If you believe there is an issue to be resolved, or if someone is causing trouble for you, then please contact one of the organisers and we will resolve the issue.

For those of you still here now we answer the question we know is rattling around in your head, the one that says “what’s in it for me?”. If you are chosen to be a volunteer, you will receive our undying gratitude... and also a rare staff badge and lanyard (required to wear on Saturday, they are CURSED!), and automatic free full weekend registration to FurJAM 2018 (the registration is also CURSED!)

So... still interested? If you’ve gotten through that and think you’re the right person for the job email us at furjam.team@gmail.com and tell us you’d like to apply! Thanks in advance for your willingness to help us make the event even better! :D

 Disclaimer: these items may or may not actually be cursed, FurJAM organisers take no responsibility for any effects that could be caused by said curse.

TL;DR: Don’t be a dick and we’ll like you :)