6th Sep - 8th Sep, 2024!
6th Sep - 8th Sep, 2024!



Foxdale, from South Sydney, is an avid fan of all things furry. Deeply involved with the organization of FurJAM since 2011 as well as various other meets, he is always keen to help anyone out. Look out for him at the BBQ or running around in fursuit.

Telegram: @Foxdale



As sweet as he is sinister, EVILM0J0 (or just Mojo) applies himself to a multitude of roles to make FurJAM a success; be it updating the website, organising venues, creating art assets or just manning the BBQ.

To those brave enough to venture beyond his stern and scary surface, Mojo can be found to be kind, encouraging and always eager to provide assistance to wherever it is needed.


Hailing for Northern Sydney, they've been kicking around and helping out with meets and chats since 2015. If you’re in need of help, or just a friendly introduction, feel free to give this Bird a beep.

Also they're a Wren, not a Bluejay.


NurseMew, AffaCatto, Herder of Cats and one of the Organisers of the SydFurCM (Sydney Coffee meets) extraordinaire, KaiAdin has been helping out with Meets since joining the fandom in 2010.


Flay is head of Dietary requirements for the BBQ and provides the home baked goods. Please come see him if you have any questions before or even on the day! He’ll do his best to accommodate everyone


Been around the fandom and assisting with its various events since 2011, coming from Western Sydney. He can usually be found at or around the rego desk during the events, and is happy to help with any questions or queries you may have.


We don't know where this local demon came from, but they've been lending help at meets ever since their first appearance in 2018. Regardless of their dubious origins, they're friendly and eager to assist you with anything you need help with!