See you in 2024!
See you in 2024!

Events and Games

This will be updated periodically, so keep checking!

Major Competitions

  •   The FurJAM Art Competition
    Location: All venues
    Time: Starts Friday, judged Saturday

    The art competition is a longstanding tradition of FurJAM, and is open to beginners and veteran artists alike. On FurJAM Friday Night three words will be announced and released on our social media outlets (like Twitter!).

    You will have 24 hours to come up with a piece of furry art (PG-13 of course) that reflects the three words you are given. The art is to be traditional format as we can't show digital art at the raffle easily.

    Judging will be made on what piece best integrates all three words according to our panel of judges and the winner will receive a prize!

    Submissions will close at 7pm Saturday evening.

Friday Events

  •   The FurJAM Poker Tournament
    Location: Upstairs at Club Parramatta
    Time: 7:00pm, Friday Night

    The FurJAM poker tournament is back baby! 8-16 lucky furries will get to pit themselves against each other in this game of skill, bluff and chance. Be sure to have your best poker faces ready! If we don't do this tournament on Friday then we'll be doing it on Saturday in the Hibiscus Room at the Novotel

Saturday Events

  •   The Clap and Catch Game
    Location: Cahill Park
    Time: 1:00pm

    A simple and effective park game for 16 attendees. Standing in a circle around one of our trusty volunteers, a ball will be randomly thrown to a competitor. Said competitor must clap their hands and attempt to catch the ball. If you fail, fear not! You still have a chance, although a second failure will put you out of the game. Last one standing wins the game.

    (In the interest of fairness, partial fursuiters get three chances and full fursuiters get four, while non suiters may only use one hand to attempt to catch the ball on their second attempt)

    Don’t worry, the rules will be explained before the game!

  •   The FurJAM Three Legged Race
    Location: Cahill Park
    Time: 1:00pm

    8 teams for two races consisting of either one full fursuiter and one non suiter, or two partial fursuiters. Line up for an amazing race to see who is the fastest (and most coordinated) team. Will you prevail, or will you fall?

  •   The FurJAM Fursuit Photoshoot
    Location: Cahill Park
    Time: 3:00pm

    As per tradition we like to get all willing fursuiters to line up and gather for a big group photo, as well as a few individual shots throughout the day. So when the time comes join the group and make this the most impressive photo yet!

Sunday Events

  •   Got an event for us???

    If you think you have a great idea for a Sunday event, you can email us at furjam.team@gmail.com and we will signal boost you! Contact one of the organisers, tell us your idea and we'll put it here!

  •   Pokemon GO Walk (Hosted by RockFox)
    Location: 'The Beacon' gym in First Fleet Park (in between Circular Quay station and the MCA) (Google Maps Pin)
    Time: Sunday 1st Oct at 3:00pm, finishes at 5:00pm at the Palace Hotel

    Meet at 'The Beacon' gym in First Fleet Park (in between Circular Quay station and the MCA) (Google Maps Pin). We will then do a leisurely walk along the harbour to finish at the Palace Hotel in Haymarket in time for the final event of FurJAM to kick off there :)

    To get involved, join the telegram group

The FurJAM Raffle

Major Prizes

Prizes for the raffle will be declared and displayed when the raffle takes place, until then it's everyone guess as to what we'll be giving away!

And don't forget, we'll have our much loved Gangle Boxes of Mysterious Mysteriousness, too! Do you have the courage to give up a major prize to receive one of these strange and innocent looking boxes of weird?

Things to do in Sydney

Need something to do? Want some extra spice in your life? Here’s a couple things you can do while you’re here: